World Challenge Tally & Minimum Score Explanation

You must have a tally of greater than 0 and at least 5 players entered into the World Challenge to win a prize for all World Challenges.

Your tally is based on how many wins you have minus the number of loses you have.

For example, if you play against someone who is in first place and beat them, it does not put you into first place.

What puts you into first place is if the number of wins you have minus the number of loses is higher than anyone else.

For example, 3 wins and 4 loses will give you a tally of -1.

You are matched up randomly against other players. Whoever has the higher score gets a +1 added to their tally and the loser gets a -1 added to their tally.

The scores you send in to compete in a World Challenge must meet a minimum requirement in order to keep other players from spamming low, easy to beat scores quickly in hopes of letting their partner in crime get a bunch of cheap wins.
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