I purchased a Neocash Card, but when I entered the code, it said that the card had not been activated. What can I do?

If possible, take the Neocash Card back to the retailer where it was purchased, with a receipt as proof of purchase. The retailer can then activate the card properly for you or replace the card if it is defective. Neopets cannot activate Neocash Cards. If you do not live near the retailer (for example, if you do not live in a country where Neocash Cards are available but purchase one while visiting a country where they are sold), please be sure that the retailer has activated the card when you purchase it. Also, always remember to keep your receipts, which will make it easier for retailers to exchange your Neocash Card or refund your money. Finally, please keep in mind that it is the retailer's decision on whether or not they will replace or offer a refund for Neocash Cards.